Vitalus Health’s Lung and Airway Management Program uses hospital based treatment modalities for people with lung disease at home.

Using breathing-assist devices and clinical therapeutics helps you improve lung function and reduce symptoms associated with COPD.



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We offer the newest, technologically advanced and connected equipment. Our comprehensive line of products and services allows for the flexibility to customize to exact patient needs. Our collaborative care partners’ primary goal is to keep you healthy, stay outside the ER and reduce your healthcare costs.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is no excuse to quit life. Allow us to help you implement the measures that will sustain and improve the quality of your life.

VITALUS AIRWAY not only offers the equipment required to help you preserve lung function, improve symptoms, and prevent recurrence and exacerbations, but also provides dedicated care partners who are trained to educate and motivate you towards successful living.

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Seeing your child wheeze, cough, or struggle to overcome shortness of breath is frightening.

Diagnosis is the start of the journey; Lean on VITALUS HEALTH for the treatment and stabilization of your child’s health.

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Participating in our disease management programs is like having your own, face-to-face health coach.

We don't just simply provide equipment, but focus on increasing patient education and self-therapy to improve health and independence.

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Learning a new skill is often easier in the familiarity of your own home.

Our custom-tailored disease management program includes a respiratory specialist to train and coach you on using equipment and managing your disease. A CARE coach engages members with clinical encounters sharing their progress in reaching goals.

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Learning a new skill is often easier in the familiarity of your own home.

Therapeutic devices clinically used to help improve the ventilation process to help you breathe better, but also improve your energy levels, help you sleep better, reduce the symptoms associated with lung disease and keep you out of the hospital.

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We are one of the nation’s leading providers of asthma, COPD, sleep apnea management, DME, respiratory, inhalation and sleep apnea home care equipment.

Not only do we provide resources to reduce your symptoms and keep you out of the ER, but we improve your overall quality of life by remaining on the cutting edge of innovative technology and offer collaborative care partners that will be by your side each step of the way.

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We deliver on that promise by offering health systems, payors and ACO partners customized, member-specific reporting based on current patient adherence and compliance, as well as patient response to therapy and clinical treatment.

Our reports not only help manage medical expenses by:

  • identifying high risk or targeted patient populations
  • limiting unnecessary hospitalizations
  • decreasing readmissions, and
  • preventing ER visits

but it improves clinical and therapeutic quality which results in value-based care, including:

  • improved customer service
  • exceptional and expert nursing assistance
  • effective compliance programs and
  • customized outcome reporting.

We know two things: time is the most valuable commodity and one size doesn’t fit all.

We appreciate the extreme demands levied on healthcare professionals and are here to help by:

  • offering customized and comprehensive therapy management programs and solutions designed to achieve positive clinical outcomes and enhance the patient experience
  • simplifying the referral process by minimizing phone calls and paperwork to healthcare professionals and their staff
  • communicating and coordinating proactively throughout the length of patient service to improve outcomes and quality of care.

As a patient, you have a choice in the type of care you receive and who provides it. Our goal is to work with you and your physician to develop an individualized care plan and provide ongoing support and extensive education that encourages improved health.

Our dedication to our patients is reflected in our 98% patient satisfaction rate and the fact that 99% of our patients would refer us to a friend or family.

The Vitalus Commitment:

  • experienced, local teams that are devoted care and service partners
  • 24/7 access to specialty trained, registered therapeutic nurses
  • convenient service scheduling based on your availability
  • up to date, simple and accessible patient and caregiver education and support
  • trained specialists that offer insurance benefit verification and authorization support
  • trained specialists that provide patient advocacy, including copay and alternative payment option assistance
  • electronic claim submissions and cost-saving billing solutions
  • individual patient therapy and utilization compliance reports

COPD • Bronchitis • Emphysema • Chronic Asthma • Other Respiratory Complications