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Our comprehensive approach allows us to observe through a broader scope and provides
us with a deeper understanding of our patient’s health than other similar service providers.



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This test records your brainwaves and a video of what is going on at the same time. The purpose is to be able to see what is happening when you have a seizure or other event and compare the information to what the EEG records at the same time.

Video-EEG is most helpful to determine if seizures with unusual features are actually epilepsy, to identify the type of seizures, and to pinpoint the region of the brain where seizures begin. Locating the region precisely is essential if epilepsy surgery is being considered. Although most people assume that seizures are characterized by shaking and jerking movements, seizures can manifest in many ways, which could be as simple as staring off for a brief period, so having an EEG is the only way to truly be certain if you are having a seizure.

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(also known as an Insomnia Study) During the exam you will be connected to our unique sleep efficiency device that monitors and measures various factors, including EEG data that allows us to determine the stages of your sleep throughout the night.

While a typical Home Sleep Test (HST) measures things like oxygen levels, and changes in your breathing, this study provides detailed information about the actual efficiency of your sleep patterns and stages (light, deep, dreaming, etc.).

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During the exam you will be given a home sleep device that will allow us to monitor various parameters, including your oxygen and breathing during the night.

This test may be required or recommended by your insurance company or your physician to screen for sleep obstructed breathing prior to or in place of a standard in lab sleep study. An HST is not meant to take the place of an in lab study, but in some situations an HST may prevent us from needing to do a diagnostic in lab sleep study.

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Vitalus Neuro offers Neuro and Sleep diagnostic testing that can be conducted in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home. Our technology enables us to provide a better patient experience, since no one looks forward to the hassles that accompany medical testing. Both patients and physicians that receive services from Vitalus Neuro are provided with exemplary service through superior quality and accuracy of testing while also offering reduced financial costs for the patient. We strive towards changing the paradigm of Patient Care by focusing on In-Home testing. Our professional technologists provide Neuro and Sleep 24/7 testing where the patient needs.