Vitalus Health Launches New Company, Vitalus Home

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October 3, 2017
January 9, 2018

Vitalus Health Launches New Company, Vitalus Home

Houston, TXOctober 16, 2017 – Vitalus Health, known for its innovative practices throughout the healthcare spectrum, announced today that it has launched a new company, Vitalus Home. Vitalus Health is the parent company of Vitalus Sleep, Vitalus Airway, Vitalus Neuro, and now Vitalus Home.

“We are excited to bring our unique care management solutions into the privacy and comfortability of the patient’s own home,” said K. Cody Patel, CEO of Vitalus Health. “Vitalus Home uses case management designed around patient engagement and activation that closes the loop with physicians.”

Vitalus Home did not forget the power of compassion. This is achieved by clinical experts who drive patient commitment to reach the highest level of self-management sooner. Through this condition management program, Vitalus Home expects to bend the cost curve by preventing clinical exacerbations associated with patients’ diseases.

Vitalus Home intends to bridge the gap between healthcare that is needed and healthcare that is received by acting as partners, rather than just providers. This coordination of an engaged provider and an activated member are the essential components in reaching effective condition management. This amalgam breaks traditional case management providing a more meaningful outreach and positive outcomes with all stakeholders involved in the patient’s care.

About Vitalus Health

Vitalus Health is one of the nation’s leading providers of care management culminating in pulmonary disease management, sleep and neurological diagnostics. Experienced personnel achieve impactful results throughout the patient-care spectrum with specialties in lung disease management, comprehensive sleep analysis, PAP therapy, and EEG testing.

Vitalus Health strives to merge advanced technology with expert level clinical approaches to improve patient outcomes through total engagement and increased compliance. At Vitalus, the mission is to achieve an overall improvement in the quality of life for those suffering from various chronic diseases, all while obtaining a global reduction in recidivism and chronic care costs for our partnering health plans.

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